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This video progresses to show the structure now symbolized by inter-connecting circles of colour. The energy pattern is organic, circular, constantly moving, creative and inter-acting. As all energy comes from motion the traditional static patterns do not serve society. The different colours represent different aspects of this new way of being. Blue interweaves constantly in the centre representing the importance of creativity and imagination. Fulton closes the five minute animation inviting viewers to be part of the challenge of making the vision reality.


This video is the culmination of the experiences of Dr. E. M. Fulton as a professor, administrator and educational consultant.
She has held positions as Dean of Women at the University of British Columbia and President of Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
In her retirement years, she continues to serve on the board of the Women's World Summit Foundation and is in demand as a conference speaker, on changing organizational structures.
Dr. Fulton is an officer in the Order of Canada. She holds numerous honorary degrees from Canadian Universities and in 1997 she was given the Governor General's Persons Award.
Margaret Fulton's life and career are the subject of a recent documentary "A Round Peg" by film maker Michelle Bjornson, aired on BC's Knowledge Network and Vision Network. Available at Moving Images or email

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